Is it difficult to choose the drug which is the most effective?

The most unpleasant disease (or one of the most unpleasant) for men is the decrease of potency. The medical term – impotence or more correct name of it is: erectile dysfunction. When it is observed a weak erection, which is insufficient for sex. Buy Cialis at our online store allows you to get rid of this disease.

Unparalleled benefits peers.

It should be said that generic Cialis is an analogue of Cialis. It differs from the original only with its name but not with the action, and the most important- the cost is much lower. All other components are identical in both drugs.
Low price for an analogue of Cialis because it is much less invested funds. After all the ingredients are known script. After the expiry of the patent on the original production starts analogues. Therefore, the price is lower.

How this drugs works?

Cialis Soft can effectively fight the weakening of erection. The main active ingredient of the medication is Tadalafil. It is a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5, designed specifically to enhance erection.
Cialis and Cialis Soft have a difference in the way of reception.

He acts as follows: getting into the blood substance reaches the muscles of the penis and relaxes them. As a result, the blood flows faster and easier in the penis causes erections.

Cialis Soft has no effect on the level of sexual desire, it only helps in the formation of erections. In connection with this man is very easy to control it, it will not be constant for all the duration of the medication.

The method and dosage.

Cialis software available in tablet form, each tablet has tadalafil 20 mg. The medicine in the use of washed down with water or other liquid, except alcohol. And drink it if, but only in small portions, because it reduces the effectiveness of the medication.

An analogue of Cialis takes effect within 15-18 minutes after ingestion. And while saving effect had just a huge – 36 hours. This means that in this period of time a man can control his erection due to the drug. At day one can not use more than one tablet.

What to look for?

But there are certain things that make it difficult to use Cialis Soft or make it totally impossible. It diseases: heart and blood vessels, cavernous fibrosis, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, kidney and liver failure.
But they can not always be a barrier to receiving Cialis Soft. Define a thin line can urologist. Therefore, before using this, it is desirable to consult a specialist.

The drug may cause the occurrence of side reactions. Headache, redness of the skin on the face, stuffy nose, back pain, dizziness – symptoms were observed in 10% of men who for the first time took Cialis Soft. In the future, such reactions will disappear. But it cannpt bring any damage to health.